Female soldier caught on tape mercilessly flogging junior colleague

A female military officer has been captured on camera flogging her junior colleague at the female corps in the Federal Capital Territory.

Trouble reportedly started when the second army lieutenant allegedly slapped the lower ranking officer and the soldier retaliated.

According to reports, the senior army woman ordered her colleagues to hold the soldier while she flogged her mercilessly.

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment the junior military officer was pinned to the ground by some of her colleagues while the second lieutenant used a cane on her.

Sources disclosed that the junior soldier was also locked up by the lieutenant.

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Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported how a student cried out for justice after allegedly being extorted of his school fees by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

He explained that they took N90,000 out of the N93,000 which he is meant to use and pay his school fees.

He said he was traveling to Lagos from Oyo state when the police men intercepted the public transport he boarded and started harrassing them.

The young man said he called the Police PRO and Commissioner’s via phone but the people who answered dismissed it as wrong number.

According to him, the police officers claimed they were taking him to the police station but they diverted into a bush and threatened him.

The dsistraught student sent a message to Influencer, and #EndSARS activist, Rinu Oduala who then reposted it online.

The student wrote; Please help me I was extort illegally yesterday on my way coming to Łagos and was calling the police pro and commissioner all picking and keep saying wrong number but I call one former pro he said that is there number that is how they do

Please ma help me this is my school fees a sum of 90k out of 93k found in my account, I pray you see this so I can explain how it happen was drive to the bush and threaten me, Please save me ma I pray you see this.

The most painful part I told them this is my school fee and they extort 90k out of the 93k in my accounts. Was just driven to the bush they told the other passenger they are taking me to the office but I will join them at the popular Amala joint in that Oyo they should wait for me

On our way they pass different route and in there car they keep telling me I should call anyone I know to send me money. I told them no one it’s kinda hard this time immediately one of them collect my phone and told me to open my bank app and I did And was taken to a Pos which I think it’s there Pos cause when I send the money they did not receive alert once I told him nah awodi police he said Haa eyini and he gave me the cash immediately.

I can send you the driver number to confirm these people have no mercy was pleading crying in there car Still yet they extort me. They left 3k for me.

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