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Female Pastor Slams Men For Not Engaging in Foreplay



Reverend Gloria Maduga slams men in her congregation in Rivers state, Portharcourt to be precise, for not satisfying their wives sexually. She strongly criticized male Christians for not engaging their wives in foreplay before the real action.


She made this statements in her sermon ‘Your marriage shall live’, she said sex should ‘come alive’ once a pair are married, adding ‘Some of you think it’s something you do when God is not looking. Let us do it quickly quickly before God turns around to look at us we have finished.

‘There are some Christian men that rape their wives, they are Christians but they rape their wives. That is not good.

‘Some of you men here, the only romantic word on your lips is O girl lie well, o girl turn.

‘If you do it the right way you won’t have to apply for visa before she gives you entrance.


‘Like some of the men you’ll wind and wind her like a microphone and she’ll now tell you ‘my head my shoulder my knees my toes, everywhere is paining me just leave me alone’ because she knows you don’t know how to do it.’

She was highly extolled for such message.

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