Fearless lady defends her boyfriend against armed police officers (Video)

A Nigerian lady stood up in defense of her boyfriend when a group of police officers stopped his car and were harassing him.

The policemen were allegedly trying to extort him but he refused to part with money and it resulted in them raining insults on him.

The young man’s girlfriend whipped out her phone and started recording, when she saw how the officers were trying to intimidate him while wielding their rifles, she attacked them verbally.

In a video posted online, one of the security personnel insisted on entering his car and used the guise of asking for his car papers after he failed to give money.

When they saw that the girlfriend was recording them, they warned her to stop but she insisted on filming their actions for record purposes in case any unforeseen tragedy occurs.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, prankhottie said; Wife material 😍 not me sha

officialrichrap; The girl too calm 😂 I trust Sammy tho!!!!

theperfectgiftg; If no defend am who she go defend?

adaikwerre; These officers Knows people they can Mess with. I’ve never encountered them 😢. Just tell them You’re a Lawyer or Army, they will give you your way, these are the people they fear without further questioning. #Update #Deleting soon.

dullahyaro; I really don’t know about what’s happening here, but I think this police if you talk to them politely you not gonna have issues with them, I have met several police on the road, and it always end up with smile. I have never met the bad eggs yet sha

sammy_richie_ika_; Why you self no show them your car documents. Me I no like to dey drag with police o. Person wey carry gun abi shey una don dey get second live ni

callme_nonso_; Where’s the documents of your car? Very simple give him the papers and stop causing unnecessary drama just to video and post on the gram.

lasgidimouthpiece; Keep voting leaders based on tribe, party affiliation, religion etc You will reap It!

kelah_ph; Police no get wahala.. just show them the car papers

raybanjs; This really wrong from the girl’s voice… At first we could hear the guy telling her to shut up, that they were not dragging anything with them… For real, police men have right to stop and search if they find you suspicious, the best thing you could do is to cooperate with them and talk decently and smartly, without arguing and being aggressive, trust me you’re going beat them by that way…

Even in other countries, police stop and search every suspicious person (Fraud or drug). I have had so many encounters with the police men, it is the way you talk to them like an educated person you would easily beat them and they would let you go… THOUGH THERE ARE MISCHIEVOUS POLICEMEN TOO, God will not let us to jam those ones

tenovertenautos; Na so 1 babe wey I carry Dey try defend me against military man. Before I know she don slap am… both defender and defendant body tell us that day..

scabaye; Nigeria police just Dey misbehave anyhow and them get pikin oooo . Especially those one in festac @jidesanwoolu sir look on to this.