Father tries to break son’s head because he returned from school with new car (Watch video)

A Nigerian man has been captured on tape expressing disapproval after his first son, who is a student, reportedly bought a car.

The young man came back home from school with the car hoping to be celebrated by his family, but his dad was furious.

The man chased him out of the house and attempted to smash his head with objects before his wife and neighbours intervened.

A video which has gone viral on social media captures the moment the man picked up a long log of wood and charged at his son.

The father was, however, unable to hit his son with it as they disarmed him but he started looking for another object.

Watch the clip below:

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official_emperorphingx; That’s what a real father will do, the son needs to explain his source of wealth… Wealth Comes gradually, not booom

official_6tem_x13; Baba be like no matter what car is not the next move na why he they vex …. A lot of step to take before getting a car

hrh_kingdiamond; Baba fit think say him son don use him for ritual 😂😂😂😂

hardejhoke2086; Why con Dey vex instead of being happy for this 2023🌚🤣

djfalcao_; Bros you sef explain give your papa how you take acquire that jeep, Finish .

Anyways Wetin I know, sha follow my page to enjoy relatable memes and funny savage replies

69community_; One significant thing about parenthood, if na single mother. Most single mothers will accept him without questioning his source of income…. Most fathers are more interested in the process or source of thier children’s wealth than the Mother….. #speaking from my observation.

miss_salo; That’s good parenting thou, that shows the father knows that he’s son is jobless apart from schooling. Where him see money buy car!

officialose_; Papa know how many years he go hustle before he fit buy that jeep himself 😂😂😂😂😂

ms_jibbie; Nigerian fathers used to be like this, never knew good fathers like this still remain 🙏🏾🙏🏾 God bless him

ohyescynthiaaa; I love such parenting, not those that their son who has no known job/source of living gifting his parents huge sums of money, buying cars etc and the parents are so excited and forget to ask their child “where did you get the money from”.