Factory worker finds N35 million in trash bag, gives it to police

A factory worker demonstrated honesty and integrity after finding 10 million yen in a bag inside a trash bin in Japan

The person who works at a recycling facility in Sapporo decided to handover the bag of money which is equivalent to 35 million Nigerian naira, to the police.

According to CTV News, the matter is being treated as a case of lost and found, and the owner has a grace period of three months to come forward to claim the 10 million Yen.

However, if the owner is not found within the stipulated time, then Sapporo city hall will take possession of the money.

In reaction, promiseagbor_ said; As long as I no see the address of the owner or contact details… I no get issue…. God don answer my prayer.

amina_minaah; It will be hard for me to return money that I find in the bin o, I will just assume it’s no longer useful, that’s why it’s in the bin

jeffryprettypretty; And she carry am go police station? Good people still exists, God bless her, but it can never be me 😂

david_chibuzo_690; I too love Japanese people abeg ❤️🙌 God bless the kind person and he’s definitely going to be rewarded than this❤️

slym_dii; No Nigeria person will see this kind thing and give it back

bolanle31_; Here in Nigeria the worker will say miracle no dey tire Jesus abii miracle dey tire Jesus?

Similarly, a Michigan woman has made headlines due to her act of honesty which ensured that a newlywed couple were able to recover their lost cash.

Diane Gordon who walks almost three miles to work every day for the past year found a plastic bag containing $15,0000 when she was on her way to work, FOX 2 Detroit reports.

She returned the bag of money said to be the couple’s wedding cash which just laid on the floor outside a gas station.

Gordon said she had been walking 2.7 miles to work at VC Fresh Marketplace daily after her car broke down in February, 2022.

According to the honest woman, when she was walking back home after a shift on January 21, she stopped by a gas station when she noticed a plastic bag with a large amount of cash in it.

“I looked down on the ground and found a plastic bag with a large sum of money in it. When you turned it over there was even more money.”

She reported her findings to the police, saying “This doesn’t belong to me.”

Lt. Matthew Ivory of the White Lake Police Department said an investigation was launched into where the money came from shortly after, and discovered it belonged to newlyweds.

He added; “It never really crossed her mind to do anything other than turn it over. Inside the bag was also wedding cards, these were gifts from a wedding that occurred that day. I think it was $14,780 worth of cash”.

The police officer explained that after the money was safely returned to its original owners, someone in the department set up a GoFundMe to make sure Gordon can get a new car.

Dianne does not have a vehicle, and walks back and forth to VC’s daily, regardless of the Michigan elements, where she works in the deli. She self admittedly ‘needed the money’ and ‘it would be life-changing’ for her, but that she didn’t think twice about not turning it in,” reads the fundraiser, which has already surpassed its $25,000 goal with over $45,000 in donations.

The Lieutenant said; There ultimately was found to be $14,780 along with wedding cards in the bag which were the gifts of a newly married couple that day. Dianne is a perfect example of integrity and selflessness even in her own time of need. We will be working with Szott Automotive to get Dianne a vehicle with the funds raised.”