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Exclusive: Osula Daniel Enahoro, Delta State University student who was unjustly rusticated for speaking up against lecturer’s extortion of students and staff corruption, talks about his ongoing case with the University and how he was slammed with a N1 million bail (Full Details)



Earlier this month, we brought you a report about a Delta State University student identified as Osula Daniel Enahoro who was unjustly rusticated from the university for standing up against corruption in the school. As at the time this information was brought to our notice, Osula was reported missing by friends who had no idea of his whereabouts after he made a post on his Facebook timeline that he had just been arrested on the 5th of February, 2018, without stating by whom or where he was taken to. It turned out that he was arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force and was detained for about 4 days before he was released on bail.

We have followed up this case ever since then and have been in contact with Osula. In a chat with, Osula gave full detail on his ongoing case with Delta State University and also talked about how he was arrested, charged to court without prior notice and was slammed with a N1 million bail.

He told;


Osula Daniel Enahoro was a student of the delta state university, department of civil engineering, set 2017. He is also a social media writer, critic, and human rights activist. He has constantly written about many things relating to him, his family, his environment and personal experiences.[AdSense-A]


Until his finals, he has never been found wanting or flaunting any school rules and regulations, except for second semester year four, when he was found wanting for defending SIWES/industrial training, late. There was a change of office then in the department of civil engineering; a new head of Department. Somehow, Osula managed to defend his IT and continue with his final year project and examinations.
Until project defence, Osula had maintained a cordial relationship with the new HOD. It was at the external defense, with the HOD asking students through the course rep, to pay some certain amount of money or would not be allowed to defend, that that relationship was marred.
Osula had been very vocal in condemnation of payment and a class meeting was held, where the HOD had apologized and agreed with the submissions of Osula who quoted excerpts from the students’ constitution handbook. The class had resolved to let the matter slide and the meeting ended in peace.

It was days after a petition was filed against the department of civil, and Osula, being a writer, was suspected for being the brain behind it. The petition was anonymously submitted. Osula had been present at the previous class meeting, and was satisfied with the proceedings and had no reason whatsoever to push the matter further, but as the case had become, he was invited by the provost and asked questions relating to the petition. The questions were; if any money was collected at all? If student were threatened not to be allowed to defend if they didn’t pay? If students had any refreshment? If they had to pay and write their name and sign before submission of project? To which he answered correctly to the best of his knowledge.

It was after all these that the relationship between the HOD and Osula further went sour. The HOD had alleged that Osula was being used as a tool against his office by the previous HOD. This allegations were uttered during verbal exchanges between Osula and the course rep who was being asked to announce all money collections. At one time in fact, the HOD had requested he be added into the student WhatsApp group to make the announcements himself. He had pleaded maximum cooperation, stating that the money he had requested from Delsu, was not granted and the money given would not be enough to efficiently run the entire process of the defense.[AdSense-A]

At the end of the entire brouhaha, Osula ended up failing the HOD’s course, which he had earlier been announced by the HOD himself to have been the highest scorer at the CA test. He also failed one other, handled by a visiting lecturer, who was only in school 4 times for the entire semester and had a mass failure of over 75% of the entire class.

Agreed, there may have been peaceful ways to resolving all of these, but the handwriting on the wall was glaring for all to see. Most students had agreed that Osula’s extra year was deliberate, and the side talks were circulating fast. First, the results were not posted at all, unlike before, which would have given students ample time to channel their grievances to appropriate authorities. Secondly, there was already a notice directing aggrieved students to apply for re-mark or channel any such complains via laid down channels. Also, the reception granted Osula by the HOD was personal and poor and conversing with him on personal levels was not a forseable option. He had accused Osula of not greeting him upon entering his office and Osula greeted him again. He had also barred Osula’s line from calling him, blocked him on WhatsApp, Facebook and any other social media handles he could be assessed.

Seeing as he was out of options and under pressure of seating for an unmerited extra year, Osula reached out to the former HOD for advise. It was on his advice that Osula had immediately written to the provost, who had earlier assured him to run to him if he suspected any foul play with his results at an earlier meeting held in class over a new test after exams that the HOD had tried to conduct, which the provost canceled, because news was already going round that the main reason for the new test was because Osula had scored highest in the previous one and his score was to be slashed.

Upon receipt of the letter, the provost office summoned Osula for adequate corrections. He had asked that Osula copies the office of the dean and the department of civil and submit a copy to each of these offices which he did. In the letter dated 17th of July, he, Osula, had written about the irregularities in the breakdown of that particular course results, which had seen a selected few students with higher marks than they initially had. 23,24,25,26,27… 29.

Until two months or so, after daily check at the provost’s office and repeatedly being told to come back and that they had requested his script and where untop the matter, did he get an invite from the dean’s office which he obliged. It was then and there the dean had told him that by the authorities of the school and the power of their offices, there wasn’t anything entirely they could do about the matter. That he could either write to the VC, or just prepare for next session. He further advised and stressed on preparing for next session, and constantly shut Osula up whenever he raised the irregularities in the CA test final breakdown. He asked Osula to write a fresh petition against the CA test if that was his grouse.[AdSense-A]

Of course, the vice chancellor’s office, being the most senior administrative office in the university, is almost impossible to reach, and given history of his first year experience and writing to the DVC academics, and not getting adequate response for three months, he knew getting to the VC wasn’t feasible at all, and having been delayed by the provost’s office, it would be mid second semester of a new session before he gets an adequate response from the VC. So, he took to Facebook to narrate his ordeal. Being bitter, livid and frustrated, he may have vented with unguarded utterances that did not in anyway mean any harm or physical violence against anybody. The excerpts quoted from his post that is being supplied to police and the court as evidence of threat to life is ‘IF I CHOOSE TO FORFEIT MY CERTIFICATE, THINGS WILL GET MESSY FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED, MYSELF INCLUSIVE’.

This was deliberately misquoted and taken out of context to mean physical violence or harm, which is in fact, far from it. As the case stands today, things has gotten really messy. Never in the records of Osula’s five years in the university has he been found wanting in character; be it fighting, cultism, riot, protest, vandalism, or any such thing. Once he had been arrested for late night movement over a curfew placed in the community, but was only coming back from night class alongside two other course mates who were bailed the next day. In their possession were handouts, textbooks, calculator, manuals, past questions and a rechargeable light.

It was his continuous posts on the ongoing issue that had the student disciplinary panel summon him, which he obliged, even though he was at anambra at the time. They had asked all concerned questions, to which he had given adequate responses. The panel then thanked him for coming and asked him to go that they would communicate their verdict to him in ample time.

At that panel sitting, he had met with the HOD and they stood and talked for almost an hour in public. Amidst warm handshakes, explanations, accusations and counter accusations, the two men had registered all their agreement and differences after which they peacefully parted ways. The HOD kept on pressing on the issue that the former HOD was using Osula as a tool against his office, an allegation that until this minute, is yet to be proven as it is false. When Osula had asked why the provost had delayed him for two months and why the results weren’t posted, the HOD had alleged that the provost wanted to see if his claims were true and try to resolve the matter peacefully and help the situation, and not posting the result was the right thing to do, as he was here to change all the wrong things to right. And in changing all the wrong things to right, was how students were made to pay for the responsibilities of the university? And trying to help was stalling the matter that needed urgent attention for two months? Also why the change in test scores? The HOD had claimed the test scores was his for the taking, to do anything wmhe pleased with. He said a different thing at the police station; that Osula wasn’t called out because he scored the highest but because he doesn’t attend classes. How do you shake hands and congratulate a student for not attending your class? Forgetting that course mates are talk mates and everyone had asked one another their score. The closest person to Osula’s score scored 21 of 30 maximum obtainable marks. Osula scored 22.

The petition written against Osula to the police for allegedly threatening lives has its evidences from his Facebook posts only. His page is public and I don’t think any person who has the personal contacts of both social media and phone number, even address of office, would opt to threaten anyone with physical violence in public. Never did Osula call, WhatsApp or text the HOD only on two occasions. One was to ask the verdict of the panel as he was about to pay the fee for the extra year having been advised to let sleeping dogs lie, and the other was to congratulate him for being expelled, as who else could be happier given all precedence, if not him? Never did he call, text or chat a threat to the HOD or even physically and/or verbally.

The police and DSS had called Osula for clarification, but he explained why he couldn’t be there at the time. He was at Asaba and they were calling from Oleh. He even had to report himself at B-division, Asaba and met with a police officer who he explained things to. He had called the Oleh police and even spoke with the former HOD, the current HOD and a barrister, who all claimed were resolving the matter as amicably as they could.

No further invite was made to Osula, neither in writing, nor in calls or text. The young man carried on with his normal life until he managed to raise the money and pay for the extra year. It was 9 days after payment that his attention was called to an update on the university site that he had been expelled for gross misconduct and breach of matriculation oath. The young man was furious and flabbergasted and took to social media.[AdSense-A]

It was around this same time four students were rusticated from Uniben over leading a peaceful protest for the conditions of their classrooms and hostels, yet continuous increase in fees. Osula had taken the matter personal and began to publish articles of the Nigerian education system and the decadence in tertiary institutes entirely, recounting some of his personal ordeals during his university days.
It was then the news went viral all over social media and a police officer impersonated a journalist from the sun news and asked that Osula meets him at Mac Dons, as he was interested in the entire story. Osula obliged. He left work and was arrested immediately, with his phone taken from him, he wrote his statement and was thrown in the cell for four days. He was later released on bail and asked to come by Monday which he did. He was told to pay ten thousand naira on the pretext that it was for bail, which he did, but somehow later found there was a slight misunderstanding in reason fot payment. He was asked to come the following Monday which he did and was immediately charged to court without any preparation or pre-information. He was quickly slammed with a 1 million naira bail and was remanded in prison until he fulfilled his bail conditions. It took him and his friends working tediously from the outside to raise the 10% of that sum required and was granted bail after five days in prison.

It begs the question, WHAT IS HIS CRIME?

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