Ex-cab driver calls Tolanibaj ‘broke’ for refusing to leave N200 change

A Twitter user @ceonigeria_ has taken to the microblogging site to call out Big Brother Naija star, Tolanibaj, over an encounter he had with her years ago.

He said that he used to work as an Uber driver in 2021 and she ordered a ride which he responded to in Lagos.

The guy said he drove her from Lekki 1 to Ikoyi and the trip amounted to N800, however, he did not have N200 change for the N1K she gave him.

He said Tolanibaj opted to transfer the exact amount of N800 to him because she did not want to leave the N200 as a tip for him.

The ex-cab driver recounted the story in reaction to her tweet about being turned off by men who do not act like big boys at the club.

He tweeted; “Lol, this broke girl. True story, sometime in 2021 when I used to do Uber/Bolt, I carried this Tolani girl from Emeka Nweze Lekki 1 to Danfo Bistro Ikoyi. Trip was ₦800, cos I didn’t have ₦200 change for 1k cash she opted for a transfer. Not feeling entitled. But I’d tip!”


Netizens who commented on his post blasted him for having a sense of entitlement.

@Alero_Ejeye; Your tweet doesn’t make sense, let’s be honest with ourselves. You feel entitled to a tip from her, when all you’re entitled to is payment for the service you rendered, which she payed. You can’t call her a broke girl cause of that, how do some of you reason?

@Amicable4life1; You be CEO she nah Tolani… You should have done a free ride for her and not feeling entitled.. Her Money, she decides who to tip or not and her spirit wasn’t in line with given you extra, so deal with that.

@Sirkay1313; Sometimes I get baffled with some tweets I just can’t ignore… Nnaaaaaa let me ask you one question, is it your money? Mr. Entitled

@imustapha16; CEONIGERIA, PLEASE STAY ONE PLACE. Imagine, You broke shame someone but at the other end expect her to leave the 200H with you and you’re not feeling entitled. As as how???

@black_pundit; Actually it’s a culture cos she’s a yankee babe you should know better! She be yankee babe so she should act like one na. Yankee and Canada you go tip! It’s kinda expected even if you don’t want to lol

@ISADORA_Odey; So she shouldn’t have collected her N200h change because? Make your gist make sense please

@Vhyb07__; What is even this nonsense that you’re saying @ceonigeria_ You wey no be broke boy, You for no collect money for the ride now and show her you’re bigger. Feeling entitled to other people’s shit is typically Nigerian.