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Every household in Nigeria should have prepaid meter – El-Rufai

Former Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has said that every household is entitled to having a prepaid meter in Nigeria.

This is also as the ex-FCT minister proposed stringent measures in the electricity sector to help boost the sector.

El-Rufai, a ministerial nominee, stated this on Tuesday during the screening of ministerial nominees in the Senate.

He said the measures would include a hardline stance against those that bypass metering in the country. He lamented over how the electricity supply situation in Nigeria has defied every government for 60 years.

El-Rufai said; “Metering is a big issue. A lot of progress has been made by some of the Distribution Companies (Discos).

“In the last three or four years, with the support of the CBN and the World Bank, every household should have been metered, and every business should be metered.

“Estimated billings are not acceptable. But in addition, Nigeria must take a hard stance against those who steal electricity.

“Those that get electricity by diverting cables; not paying, we must take a hardline stance against it if this sector is to work.”

Meanwhile in another news…

A Nigerian woman living in Canada has said that contrary to what many people back home believe, there is also power outage in the North American country.

She shared a video of herself using lantern at home and lamented about epileptic power supply in Montreal, her place of residence.

She was seen in a dark room talking about how cold the weather is because there is no electricity to turn on the heater. She also said there was water scarcity due to the power outage and she could not cook, wash or do anything that requires water.

The woman who seemed to have been recorded by husband in the background, said she also could not lie down on the bed because she was freezing. She expressed thanks that she had a lantern to use in times the the one they were in where everywhere was dark.

She corrected Nigerians who often say they want to travel abroad because things like water and electricity are available without interruption.

Reacting, callmeluv11 said; All dis newly abroad people enh, una no go kill person

hiebywhumey; Be like UK people don dey go visit Canadians oooo cos kini gbogbo eleyii gann

melvis_black; The power outage here is because of a severe storm which is still ongoing, stop comparing the situation with what happens in Nigeria on a regular. I dislike videos like this.