Evangelist shows ‘proof’ that he can walk on air (Video)

A video which has gone viral on social media captures a pastor has demonstrating his supernatural ability to walk on air.

The man of God reportedly claimed that he could walk on the air just like Jesus walked on water as revealed in the bible.

He decided to record himself performing the miracle of aeronatutic suspension to prove to people that doubted him.

In the video, he could be seen walking down the stairs with his hands raised in the air and just as he reached the last step, the camera angle zoomed to his feet which were not touching the ground.

His entire body was not shown during the act of ‘walking on air’ but it seemed he was held up by something to give the impression that he was suspended above ground.

Social media users made fun of the clergyman and shared memes which depicted that they did not believe he perfomed any miracle.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a lady has shared a sad story about her aunt passing away as a result of taking a spiritual approach to a health challenge that required medical care.

She said that the woman had cancer and she was discouraged by her pastor from seeking medical attention.

According to the niece known as @ebs_the_great on Twitter, the cleric would put anointing oil on her forehead while she was bedriddedn at home.

She said that it continued like that until her mum kicked down the room door and found her terminally ill aunt lying almost totally unconscious, so she called an ambulance.

@ebs_the_great explained that the woman died after a year and she blamed the church for what happened.

The post reads; “My Aunt was discouraged from seeking medical attention for months by her church leader and she was so sick. He would go and put anointing oil on her at home, where she was bedridden. She was really close to my Mum and we always used to be at her house. She avoided my Mum for time until my Mum literally kicked down her door one day.

She found my Aunt barely conscious and called an ambulance. It was aggressive breast cancer. She died within about a year (went into remission but came back). She suffered so much and my 10 yr old cousin lost his Mum.

I think churches and these faith preachings are so dangerous. I really do. For that church leader to be going to the house and seeing my Aunt in that condition and rubbing oil on her? Her life was a mere experiment for him, and he didn’t give a fxxk.

Forgot to mention, the discouragement she got from seeking medical attention was in the form of a spiritual/prophetic message. An ‘instruction’ that she must not go to any hospital or speak to any doctor.”