Evangelist ‘performs miracle’ in church by giving woman instant flat tummy (Video)

An African pastor wowed his congregation when he granted a woman’s heart desire to have flat stomach.

The clergyman asked members of his church to come forward with their problems so that he would provide a solution.

In a video which has gone viral on the internet, a woman stepped forward and complained about her protruding tummy.

She informed him during deliverance session in church that she wants a flat tummy and he asked when she wanted it and she said immediately

The pastor placed his hand close to her lower torso and commanded her tummy to go inside, repeatedly. Gradually, it began to reduce till the belly became flat and the woman leapt for joy.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian lady has shared a testimony about the miracle that occurred when she was just a baby traveling with her family.

Oghenerume said they went for Christmas and were returning home to a northern city when an accident happened, and their car summersaulted.

Her mother went into a coma for three days and when she woke up, she asked for her baby, and that was when hospital staff realised that a child was missing.

They immediately rushed to the accident scene and found the baby (Oghenerume) crying under the overturned car.

According to the young woman, her dad was the person who narrated the story to her.

In her words; My dad had tortoise car. We came home for Christmas and was on our way back to the north. We had an accident and the car summersulted. Mum woke up 3 days later in the hospital and was asking about her husband and children. That was when they realized a child was missing.

Long story short, sm persons went back to the accident scene & true to mums words, they heard a baby crying under the car and that’s how I was reunited with my family. My father told me this story. Said I was a toddler when it happened. He still has pictures of the accidents car.

@ClassicArcsLux; I assume that your dad and siblings (“children”) were also in coma for those 3 days that nobody thought of the baby (you)

Oghenerume replied; My parents had just 2 children at the time. My elder sister and I. Our age difference is less than 2 so she was too young to ask and yes my dad was still on coma.