Europeans, Asians are advancing technologically while Africans are doing 100-day prayer – Erigga blows hot

Nigerian lyricist, Erigga has criticised African nations for relying on religion to address societal issues like infrastructure development and economic progress whereas their foreign counterparts are coming up with technological innovations.

The rapper expressed displeased with Africa for choosing to dwell on praying and fasting instead of using their God-given hands and brains to make their countries better.

Europeans, Asians are advancing technologically while Africans are doing 100 days fasting - Erigga blows hot

Erigga took to his Twitter account and disclosed that China launched an artificial sun, Arab nations and Israel are turning desert to forest while European countries are going into under water explorations.

The ‘Motivation’ crooner blasted Nigerians for praying and fasting for 100 days so that the dollar to naira exchange rate can come down to about $1/N200.

He wrote; “China launched artificial sun. Dubai is charging the cloud to give rain. Israel and Arab are turning desert to forest via technology. America is going into space.

Europeans are in the deep waters. Africans are on 100 days fasting and praying for dollar to go to 200/$1.”

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@PrettyMfon commented; Prayer is good and we need to wake up and do what we need to do to make our continent better.

@KelOnovo; We are also building more churches in a poverty-stricken environment. Money that could have been used to build factories And employ people praying for jobs.

@Airdropglobal5; I’ve always said that one day Africa will wake up and suddenly discover that everyone else has moved to another planet.

@DoziChukwudozie; The people way get Christianity dey busy dey change their life’s while Nigeria pray for everything. Imagine we even dey pray make nepa bring light 😁

@pimpylove101; You people should leave fasting and prayers alone. Muslims pray more than christians everyday, why not speak on that if you have the heart? Why not speak against occultic societies that encourage ritual killings and demonic shrines littered everywhere. Leave Christians alone!!!

@WarriWeirdo; For warri. Christ embassy don buy big land dey build church make Warri people come pray for job wey company no dey 😂😂