Ethiopian maid who worked for 30 years to sponsor son’s education burst into tears as he flies her home

A heartwarming and emotional moment occurred during a recent flight when a Ethiopian lady who worked for decades as a house help realised her son was the one flying the plane.

In a video which is making the rounds, the woman was being ushered into a plane which was co-captained by her son and on seeing him, she burst out in tears.

It was gathered that she worked for 30 years as a maid in Lebanon to train her boy through school so that he could achieve his dream of being a pilot.

Maid 30 years sponsor pilot son

An emotional scene captured on camera shows the moment an Ethiopian maid who worked for 30 years to sponsor her son’s studies to become a pilot, cries emotionally as she discovers that her son’s the one flying the plane.

After many years in aviation school the son became a certified pilot. It was an emotional moment for her when she boarded a plane and didn’t know what surprise lay in store for her.

It seems the young man and flight crew made arrangements to surprise the mother when she boarded the flight and she was moved to emotions the moment she saw him.

He hugged his mother warmly, wiped off her tears then proceeded to show her a seat reserved for her with a table that had edibles with cake.

Watch the video below:

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@Views09; God bless all mothers striving to make their children’s dreams come true 🙏

@buhlebamashasha; Kisses are oddly passionate and too many for a mom and son though.

@fouta_djallon; That boy will be forever grateful. By the way where is his father?

@comptroller007; It’s so emotional 🥹 May God bless her and the son 🤲🏼📿

@Shileholar1; Am happy her efforts paid off God bless them 🙏

@funfitlife_; Inspiring and beautiful to see. Dreams do come true

@SiwelaDa; Dats beautiful we need stories like this all over Africa not discrimination, Tribalism, Xenophobic, we just need human nd economic development in Africa.