Entrepreneur to take legal action after discovering the man who stole his N3.5m to relocate now works at Bank of America

A Nigerian tech founder, Edmund Olotu has revealed that a man stole N3.5 million from him nine years ago and relocated to the United States.

He said that the incident happened in 2014 and he is considering the legal route against the person who is now an employee of Bank of America.

According to Edmund, every years since the theft occured he has been sending a text to the man for him to return the money without any headway.

However, after patiently waiting for years, the techpreneur is now tired and wants to ask his legal representatives to write to the accused in US.

Edmund, however, said that he will allow the man to enjoy his salary for a few months before taking the matter to court.

He wrote; “Someone who stole 3.5M from me in 2014, has japa’d and now works for Bank of America. Every year since then I send him a reminder via text to return my money.

This year I’ll let him taste this Bank of America salary for a few more months before I have my lawyers write to them.”

A tweep @muyiwa85939471 said; He should not be working for Bank of America 🇺🇸 or any Bank in any Country in the World. If he has displayed such behavior.

Edmund said; Exactly. Customer deposits are at risk. They are the type to sell info to scammers.


Meanwhile, a Chilean man who accidentally got paid 286 times his monthly salary has continued to evade arrest seven months after he disappeared.

The man had reportedly been expecting 500 000 pesos (N235K) as his salary in May 2022, but the company erroneously paid him 165 398 851 pesos (N77 million).

He wanted to return the money, but changed his mind after initially informing human resources of the mistake in his payment for the month.

He made a promise to his employers to refund the money but instead chose to resign and absconded, and is yet to be found till date.

The company he worked for, Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial) in the Santiago province of Chile, said the erroneous payment due to a clerical error of epic proportions.

It was gathered that upon inspecting their payroll records, Cial confirmed that the employee had been given 286 times his wages. Following this, they contacted the staff and asked him to return the money paid in excess.

The man reportedly agreed and said he would go to his local bank to request that the money he received be sent back to the originating account.

However, the company waited for the amount to hit its account, but never got a notification from the bank. The management tried to get in contact with the worker again, but the attempts were to no avail.

The employee later contacted the company, and claimed to have overslept on June 1st, adding that he would pay a visit to the bank that same day.

Shockingly, on June 2, he sent in his resignation and subsequently vanished from the face of the earth.

Local media reports that Cial took the matter to court in a bid to compel the employee to return the money but security agents are yet to find him.