Enjoy life when you have the opportunity – Elderly man advises youths (Video)

A Nigerian man simply known as grandpa Jimmy has shared some words of advise with young men and women about the need to live life to the maximum.

The elderly man was having a conversation with some ladies when he said that they should enjoy life the moment they have the opportunity to do so in their youthful years.

He noted that he was speaking from experience because it is the life he lived maximally as a young man that makes it possible for him to still look healthy and agile at his old age.

According to Mr Jimmy, what he used to eat in his youthful years is what made it possible for him to survive this long on earth.

”The moment you see the opportunity to chop life, chop life. I chop life well well,” he said.

Watch him speak below:

Read some comments…

miss_myunique; Chop life but don’t chop your future 😂

susy.licious1; Make I chop my life savings this Christmas

kinky_vee; This is exactly what I’ve decided to be doing. I want to chop life. I’ve realized this year that money will still go one way or the other. Problems never ends.

okolifortune; I’ve been saying this, Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. That’s the only reason we are here.

christaintv09; This man was building fortunes while enjoying life don’t be deceived

ambalipacjay; Chopping life should be a BASIC sheybi una dey hear am eyin awon saving for next of kin 😂

pweetie_ik; Chop life geng gather here for a selfie😂😂😂

aremulifestyle; Not that me self no like to chop life but na money be fine bobo

amyxious_bubz; We have just one life to live, it either u enjoy it or u live in it feeling sad , the choices is yours dear

In other news, founder and CEO of Anakle, Editi Effiong, has said he empowered every child in his community with the requisite computer skills to be relevant in modern society.

He made this known on Twitter while replying a tweep who challenged him for raising concerns over the development index in Lagos.

The tweep told him to compare the level of development in Lagos state with his village and say which is better.

In response, the techpreneur said he ensured that every primary school pupil in his village can use a computer. Editi also said that they are taught how to code and have access to the internet.

He shared photos to backup his claim and wrote; ”My village has running water. But the most important development index for me is that every child attending primary school there can use a computer, has internet access and has learned to code. I made that happen. Now, tell me how you developed your village.”