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Eniola Badmus signs deal with weight loss company as they take up her ‘slimming’ challenge



Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has excitedly announced the signing of a new deal with weight loss company, Deshapables.

Recall that some months back, Badmus called out weight loss companies that claim they can help with body transformation within a short period.

The Nollywood actress had said, ”If truly your weight loss pills and food works, use Eniola Badmus as a project…work on me and let the world see the progress. Stop using the people we know as slim to advertise weight-loss food, pills, e.t.c.”

Well, it looks like a weight loss company took up the challenge and went ahead to sign a deal with Eniola Badmus.

Announcing the deal via her social media, she wrote; ”Yaaaaay! Told y’all about this journey right? I am super excited to be travelling with @deshapeables on this. They accepted the challenge and we about to make that MAGIC even as a Brand Ambassador”.

”Will keep you guys in the loop on progress! So, Keep your notification on, follow @deshapeables and let’s create this deliberate magic!”.

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