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#EndSARS: I’ve been receiving curses on my phone – Femi Adesina



President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says he has been receiving curses and messages due to false reports that he was against the #EndSARS protests.

Adesina, made this known in an article titled, ‘An Enemy of the People’ published on Thursday evening.

He said an online media platform had falsely reported that he told the president to ignore the protests and not give in to the demands of ‘Twitter warriors’.

Buhari’s spokesman said someone went ahead to post his telephone numbers on social media, which led to him receiving calls and hate messages.

Adesina also revealed that he received another round of attacks when an old interview he had granted Channels TV on the ‘Revolution Now’ protests was twisted to make it appear as if he was referring to the #EndSARS protests.

The Presidential spokesperson thanked Channels TV for clarifying the interview, but said despite the move by the TV station, the attacks still continued.

He wrote, “Those who wanted to, believed the television station. A large number chose not to, and bombarded my phone lines with curses, expletives, and messages from the pit of hell. Well, if anybody chooses to belong to that nether region, it’s a matter of choice.

“Talking about the bombardment of my phone lines, it had begun on Sunday. A hateful mind had published my two numbers on Twitter, urging people to troll me. They called till the phone batteries went dead. Mum was the word from me.”

Adesina insisted that he never advised President Buhari to ignore the #EndSARS protests which has cut across several states in the country.

He stated that the online medium that published the report did not give him a chance to respond to the allegations thereby opening him to attacks.

He also claimed many people hated him because they were envious of his position as the President’s spokesman.

Now, why do I think people try to demonize those in government, and bring them down? Many reasons. Evil hearts. The heart of man is evil, and desperately wicked. If you are in any form of elevated position, they would love to see you fall. Man is in a fallen state, and the more they see you bite the dust, the happier they are.

“As spokesman for the President, they have told themselves you were lying before you opened your mouth to talk. Ask them to mention one lie told to them in five years, and they then begin to look like fools, people with addled minds.

“Again, envy consumes them. Why should he be presidential spokesman, and I can’t be? Does he have two heads? Why should he be earning that fat pay (lol, very fat, indeed, as fat as Super Dee of Africa) and I am not the one earning it?” he said.

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