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Eight-year-old boy makes $26 million reviewing toys on YouTube



A beautiful aspect of the world we live in today (21st century) is the fact that anyone can literally build a business or an empire out of something that many ignore or do not think can be monetized.

An eight-year-old schoolboy who reviews toys on YouTube repoortedly makes a whopping £20million ($26m) in a year.

For the second year in a row, Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World has topped the annual top-10 earners list compiled by Forbes.

YouTube account Dude Perfect came second with $20m and Nastya earned $18m making it third. The list is based on estimated earnings between June 2018 and June this year. Between all 10 highest paid YouTubers they earned an eye-watering $162m.

Ryan lives with his parents and twin sisters in Texas, US and usually releases a daily new video for his 22.9 million subscribers. They frequently one million views and a few have even had a billion hits.

According to a study by US think tank the Pew Research Centre, YouTube videos featuring children get three times more views on average than other types of videos from high-subscriber channels.

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