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EFCC Chairman responding to my post shows the agency is truly “useless and jobless” – Mompha

Embattled Nigerian socialite, Mompha has responded after Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ola Olukoyede summoned him to prove his allegations against the agency.

Recall that in a social media post last week, Mompha, who is being probed for alleged fraud, described the EFCC as the most corrupt and useless government agency in Nigeria.

In a statement released as a response to his comment, Olukoyede demanded that he comes to the commission’s office with proof to back up his claim.

EFCC Chairman responding to my post shows how useless and jobless the agency is - Mompha

Feeling disappointed, Mompha took to his social media page o Sunday and said the fact that the commission’s boss stooped so low to respond to him shows that EFCC is truly “useless and jobless”.

He wrote; “My attention has once again been drawn to the social media tantrum of the EFCC demanding that I prove corruption allegation against them. The fact that the commission, particularly their chairman could stoop so low to respond to my post shows clearly how useless, jobless the efcc is and how they waste taxpayers money on exchanging banters on social media.

Now, I won’t bother to dwell on the trumped up charges that was cooked up against me for personal gains by some of their corrupt officials and mere media trial because the fact speaks for itself but will rather dwell on how useless this commission under the leadership of the Chairman Cos why will the efcc on Friday, 5th of July, 2024 step outside of their constitutional duty and litter armed men on the streets of Lagos and Abuja all in the name of preventing citizens from protesting against the corruption being displayed by the Efcc, thereby infringing on their fundamental right to lawfully protest and preventing innocent citizens from going about their lawful business.

Another example is beating up innocent citizens during their illegal and night raids ( we all saw what happened in Ondo state and recently in Lagos which the commission reluctantly admitted on its social media platform).

Now back to my case, the efcc claimed they have “overwhelming evidence of my involvement in money laundering”, however the question is; who is this faceless person I laundered money for?; does the person not have a name?; did you mention the name of the person in the trumped up charges before the court?

Your commission is clearly the one drowning and clutching to any straw, when they quickly rushed to the media to post one side of the evidence of your witness in court when he was yet to be cross examined just to gain social media trend with my name, whereas all he said in court were lies with no evidential proof, which would all come to light on the next court date. To confirm how useless they are again they will reply me again and i will be waiting with more proof @officialefcc”.

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