An eagle carried everything – Fish hawker tells his people as he returns empty-handed (Video)

A boy who hawks fish for his family returned empty handed and said he was not able to sell anything because an Eagles carried the fish.

He was questioned about he came back without any money because they assumed he sold everything, but he explained that while the fish tray was on his head an Eagle descended from the sky and took them as food.

The people interrogating him were not buying his story but he kept a straight face while pleading his case and insisted that it was what happened.

Watch the video below:

orji4dad; It’s possible if you think his lying let’s meet in court period

edmunds_blog; I sure say the boy don use money go play sporty bet

daddy_________abel; What if he’s telling the truth. Nothing is impossible ooo

trust_martins0; These things are possible ooh.. I get so shocked when I watch some unimaginable things caught up on camera 😢😢

geejay115; Veey possible if snake can swallow billions

In other news, a man named Nura Mohammed, has confessed that he masterminded the theft of a new motorcycle in Adamawa state.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Suleiman Nguroje, said Nura, a commercial motorcyclist explained that he needed something to sell off in a bid to raise money for his wedding.

The Adamawa State indigene recounted how he and his accomplice, Muhammed Bello, lured their victim to the area where they took his motorcycle from him.

The State Police Command apprehended the two suspects in Fufore Local Government Area after the case was reported by the victim.

Nura Mohammed, 20 hails from Modire in Girei LGA while Muhammed Bello, 24, is a native of Jili Unguwan Wakili from Fufore LGA.

They both confessed to the crime and pleaded for mercy.

Nura who said he got involved in the theft out of love and to get money to marry a girl he had been going out with, pleaded with his girlfriend to exercise patience and to understand that he did it for their relationship.

He asked the law for forgiveness, as it was the first time he would commit such a crime. Muhammed Bello, who shared his own side of the story said Nura called him on Sunday, December 18, and reminded him about their plan to snatch a motorcycle.

He said that they left the next day and hired a commercial motorcyclist with a new motorcycle to take them to Parda in Fufore LGA.

According to him, while on their way to Parda, he deliberately threw his cap in the river and asked the motorcycle rider to stop for him to pick it up. However, when the rider stopped, Nura removed the bike’s key and asked for the particulars.

Bello said that while all that was going on, three people appeared on a motorcycle trying to cross the river and that he threatened them with his machete, asking them to pass quickly.

“Out of fear after seeing the machete, the operator of our targeted motorcycle took to his heels for his own safety, abandoning his motorcycle,” Muhammed Bello added.