E wan kill me – Man attacked by ram his family intends to slaughter for Sallah (Video)

A young man has shared a video of his recent physical exchange with the ram his family bought as Ramadan begins.

He was creating content for his TikTok account when the animal charged at him and knocked him down with its horns.

The guy decided to engage it in a duel while the camera was still recording him and he did so in a playful manner.

He displayed some kungfu and matador skills as though it were a joke but the animal which they intend to slaughter for sallah celebration attacked him countless times.

At some point the man fell to the floor and he tried to tactfully avoid being headbutted by the creature.

He captioned; ‘E be like say na this Ram go kill me last last !!!’

Watch the video below:

In other news, a 25-year-old Nigerian lady has opened up on how she served as a support system for her boyfriend only for him to pay her back by first cheating and humiliating her.

Nancy said they dated for four years and in 2021 he got into an accident that left him hospitalised for 10 months.

Throughout that period she took care of him and quit her job, to take up an office assistant job closer to the hospital.

It was after eight months that he was able to walk again, and luckily for her there was a juicy job offer which she accepted.

However, it took a toll on their relationship and she was not available as before due to the nature of her current job.

Nancy said that she visited him on one fateful day to give him medication and saw another lady in his house but she did not create a scene or confront her.

She left without any issues, but much to her surprise, he came to her house the next day and fumed at her for not fighting for him.

Nancy wrote; I’ve been dating this guy for 4yrs (or so I thought), he got to an accident 2021 & was hospitalised for 10months till he can be treated at home. I left my job and took an Office Assistant job near the hospital so I could be near him since both his parents are dead and his sister is married.

It took him 8 months to be able to walk on his own, so fast forward, I got a high paying job & I took it coz I have a life to live also and I’ve got siblings and bills so I wasn’t around much after being a caregiver for over a year and thank God he’s able to do stuffs himself. 2days ago was his refill for medication so I went to deliver it before going home, got there, knocked but the door was locked which is normal, went through the kitchen door and it wasn’t, got in he has a visitor so I waited till they are done.

This lady came out in my shorts/shirt and screamed upon seeing me, he came out, shocked, I hand over the medication and left. To my surprise, he showed up yesterday by 6am during our morning devotion (I stay in a 3bedroom flat with 4 other girls), embarrassed me in front of people that knows nothing about my private life shouting that I should have said something, beat the girl or him, destroy thing if I really loved him, that girls that their guys usually causes trouble. I’m a step from doing something really bad to him and I’m tryna be calm but I think I’m loosing my mind.

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