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Dry cleaner returns money he found in client’s pocket



A pastor known as Emmanuel Oyelowo has taken to Facebook, to hail his dry cleaner for demonstrating rare honesty and integrity after returning the cash he found in his clothes.

The clergyman who gave his clothes up for laundry, apparently forgot that he has money in his pocket of his clothes before handing them over to the dry cleaner.

However the laundry man known as Olawale Henry, on seeing the cash, returned it as soon as he could.

Oyelowo revealed that it is he first time he would be experiencing such display of integrity.

He wrote;

“No wonder my dry cleaner is using the bank with fidelity, he returned my clothes with the money found in my pockets. First time this is happening after using so many dry cleaning companies”.

Facebook users commended the dry cleaner and asked for him to be celebrated.

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