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Drunk Tyson Fury caught on camera kicking at taxi after cabman refused to let him enter



Boxing Champion, Tyson Fury has been spotted reacting angrily after a cabman refused to let him into his taxi.

It was gathered that the incident happened in Cannes, France where he had been enjoying some down.

A video circulating on the internet captures the moment Tyson, who was visibly drunk walked up to a taxi that had been stopped by his crew.

The heavyweight champion tried to get in through the back door of the cab but noticed it was locked.

The driver then seemed to try to explain that he would not take Fury in that state, but it led to a mild argument between the driver and the boxer’s friends.

When they could not come to an understanding, the taxi driver then zoomed off speedily. But this angered Fury who attempted to kick the car in the rear.

Watch the video HERE

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