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Driver sells employer’s truck of rice to ‘solve family problem’

A Nigerian businessman identified as Morris Monye, has revealed that a driver allegedly absconded with his company’s vehicle while transporting rice.

Morris shared the story on Twitter, and disclosed that Benue state police recently arrested the worker even though the incident of theft happened a while back.

He said when the driver was apprehended and interrogated about the whereabouts of the vehicle containing the bags of rice, he said he sold it to solve family problem.

The entrepreneur advised others seeking to go into buying, selling and distribution of goods to use reliable logistics company.

He wrote; “Driver ran away with vehicle of rice. He was today arrested by the Benue Police command. Ok Oga where my rice. He said he sold it to solve family problem. Ok o.”

A tweep @nemeremibe commented; This is why I am scared to ask some one to package food stuff to send to some families in Abia state because definitely this story will come up.

Morris replied; “Use only trusted logistics company and always follow up. Everyone is hungry now.”

Also, @Lixcypearl asked; Ahh! Is it the rice you intended to share today? Wahala😩

But he Morris responded; Naaaaaaaa. It’s an old case. He’s just been apprehended

When @AondonaOfficial said; That’s insaane… how do you handle this as a business person?

The businessman answered; Just chest it. Nothing really bothers me. You must have a big appetite for risk. If you can’t take risk, you can’t be big.