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Drama at wedding as groom plays video of his bride cheating with another man (Watch)



A dramatic scene which played out at a wedding was captured on tape and shared on social media.

The bride and groom were exchanging vows when the officiating minister asked that anybody who knows why they should not be wedded should speak up.

Surprisingly, it is the husband-to-be that interrupted and left everyone in shock with how he exposed the woman.

He thanked the guests for showing up, appreciated his groomsmen for their support and declared that he loves his wife-to-be but insisted on showing her something before he says ‘I do’.

The man proceeded to play a video which captured the moment she welcomed her secret lover into the house and started kissing him.

Everyone were left in shock and the bride who felt ashamed covered her face with the bouquet she was holding.

Watch the video below:

IG user presh_299 commented; The venue pls, the food cannot be wasted na

victorfash; I’m sure he played her tape publicly to vindicate himself from that emotional blackmail and victim mentality that someladies have. Now, he wouldn’t have to explain himself to anybody why he broke up. e don use one stone to kill many birds😂😂👏

torkwase.a; It didn’t need to get this far

_alarafahmiii; What will happen to the jollof rice and miniras bayi😢

mc_mrpope; If this is real…it’s too much to do to someone. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

abdul_hemed_; She shouldn’t have create all those mercy he can leave her before the wedding, why planing a wedding and you know you cannot merry her due to her bad behaviors or whatever that’s stupid 😢

imade_prissylaz; I know a lot of people are gonna say the man is wicked buh why will she cheat on him when she know she’s getting married soon🤷‍♀️ if marriage no hungry u stay outside!!

abieyuwadialo; The girl should run as fast as she could 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

official_kaycedhrell; Na so God go the play our own sins like movie at d judgement day 😂😂😂

In other news, a man reportedly canceled his wedding over his fiancée’s comment on social media where she revealed that she could cheat for money.

The woman commented ‘Yes’ when a Facebook user asked women if they would cheat on her husband for N1 million and someone who knew the couple saw it online.

The person screengrabbed her comment and sent it to her fiance who immediately ended their relationship and called off the wedding which was supposed to hold December 2022.

A Twitter user known as Josephine @JojoNitq shared the story on the microblogging platform.

The tweet reads; ”A man cancelled his wedding that was supposed to take place in December 2022 ….because the bride to be commented yes on Facebook that she can cheat on the husband for 1Million naira …someone that knows her screen shot it and showed the guy….was the man’s action right?”

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