Drama as woman sends her 10-yr-old son to ‘steal’ her ex-boyfriend’s car (Watch video)

A dramatic exchange happened in public between an African American man, his ex-girlfriend and her 10-year-old son.

The little boy hopped into the man’s Honda and tried to drive off when the two adults were having an argument over his decision to break up with her.

A trending video shows the kid in the driver’s seat making an attempt to start and move the car, but his mother did not scold him, rather she encouraged his behaviour.

The ex-lover asked her to discipline her son and call him to order, but the woman said he deserves what’s happening because he chose to end the relationship.

The man could be seen dragging the kid out of the car and reprimanding him, but the underage boy used foul language on him.

He asked the kid to stop the act so that he does not end up in jail or juvenile centre.

He told his ex-girlfriend that she needs to be a better mother and control her son, but she said that she was a good mother which is why her child is fighting for her.

Watch the video below:

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@Clappa1x; man someone take that kid away from her, she settin her son up for a bad life

@Zero18414130; I woulda pulled out my belt so fast on that little brat.

@BumpyLebowski; Why would she video herself being a bad mother?

@BookofJosiah; A lot of bad parents don’t think they’re bad parents.

@meanblkdaddy; I’m glad she showed her face so we all know as men who to avoid.

@xchakras; Take her to court for child negligence and endangerment 😂

@Theorulez; In before child protective services relocates him to a better mom.

@itsalexgarza; No wonder she’s an ex. Who wants to be around that negativity. Who cares what he’s doing. If he’s an ex let him go. Now what now you condoning your son to be a disrespectful criminal? WACK!! DO BETTER! Hope someone with some sense steps in for that kid.