Drama as police stops ‘deaf’ driver and passenger at checkpoint (Funny video)

A video which social media users find amusing captured the moment two ‘deaf’ men were stopped by police officers at a checkpoint.

The first officer that signalled the car to stop was surprised when they started using sign language to communicate with him.

He attempted to speak the language by using his hand but the men insisted on acting like they were not understanding what he was saying. But when he asked for a driver’s license, he brought it out.

Although it is yet to be confirmed if the two men are actually deaf, the scene turned dramatic when another police officer joined them and seemed to be asking for money for food.

They insisted on speaking with their hands and at some point, the officers got tired and just asked them to go. Interestingly they met another officer after driving off the same exchange was repeated.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, @_VALKlNG tweeted; New update, make I go run the documents sef

@bigOla_mide; Police still use sign language beg for money 😭😭

@Jefe_says; The second police dey use fake sign language take beg for bribe. Wetin I no go see for Nigeria

@VivienVivicoko; Is it safe for a deaf person to drive? They left what they should be chasing to be looking for egunje?

@ChibabaJoel wrote; Na to do redo my license, put dum as disability, cos police wahala too much. Them don full road now dey find December money.