Drama as market woman accuses man of being a yahoo boy for paying with new N1k note (Watch video)

A dramatic scene played out at a shop when a man bought an item and paid with the newly released and redesigned N1000.

The man handed a the shop owner a N1k note but she rejected it on the belief that it is counterfeit money.

He, however insisted that the money is original and it was just released for transaction around the country.

The drama attracted attention of passers-by as the man aid he did not have any other cash apart from the new note.

The woman then went further to accuse him of being a yahoo boy who wants to scam her by paying with fake money.

The back and forth continued for a while and some onlookers explained to her that the money is real but she stood her grounds and refused to collect it.

A truck driver was the one who eventually helped to settle the matter as he collected one of the new N1k from the buyer and gave him the old note which he then used to pay.

Watch the video below:

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