Drama as man nabs airport staff trying to smuggle drugs into his luggage (Video)

There was mild drama at the Lagos international airport recently as a man caught a staff of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria trying to sneak drugs into his luggage.

It was gathered that the victim was set to travel out of the country and the aiport worker tried to use him to smuggle drugs to somebody overseas.

The man who caught the official decided to raise an alarm and informed a popular blog, Sabiradio of the development after he discovered what the official was doing with his bags.

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment the victim, other airport workers and a group of bystanders were interrogating the suspect.

The man whose luggage was to be used to smuggle the drugs abroad landed the FAAN staff a hot slap while he was explaining that someone paid him to find a way to send the drugs to someone aboad.

He insisted that the airport worker must tell him the content of the drug and who paid him to set him up to be arrested for trafficking.

Being thankful that the staff was apprehended on time, the traveler said; “Either it is there usual operation to set people up but no them jam their match today ..As I begin razz the whole airport them know say person de smh…

That’s how my life I would have gone just like that, una for see my picture everywhere for NDLEA say I smuggle drug for international airport.

“Innocent people are jailed daily through this their methods but they jam their match today, NDLEA personnel were not acting shocked or surprised. Y’all need to be careful at these airports.”

Watch video below:

Read some comments…

@SpelledSanmi; He would have been doing this for years. This was his first rodeo, I bet other people in that airport know about it.

@maverickhurt; And nobody for believe you , then svpid influencers will tweet “be contented with what you have o “

@omofiolakemii; This is how innocent people get framed for crimes they didn’t commit. Only God knows how many individuals have become victims of such injustice

@Cheyih_Viktah; Some nigerians are TERRIBLE!!! Let’s talk about ourselves sometimes, every blame shouldn’t be on leadership all the time, just look at this messsss.

@dejiimole; Whether you’re rich or poor , nigeria can happen to anyone at any time.

@ideniyor; And if the victim is Igbo, we won’t even ask any questions. Na to bring cross, nails and hammer remain. It’s easy to forget that there was an era when people getting set up for drugs unknowingly was prevalent. Thank God for his life.