Drama as man kicks soldiers gallon at filling station (Video)

There was chaos when a group of soldiers got into a scuffle with a man at a filling station during scarcity.

A man reportedly kicked one of the soldier’s gallon out of the queue and it infuriated them to the extent that they dragged him out.

The crowd at the station watched in silence as the military men told the erring man to lie down on the floor and they brought out whips to discipline him.

Watch the video:

parker_ojugo; May almighty God protect him

omoyomade__; Lol,as guys plenty reach,3 soldiers without gun dey boss una

only_1__lyon; E no mean 😪 na why dem go embarrass him this way ?

malikaq_; With this whole crowd they couldnt stand up for the guy

mide_fwesh; Hope say nah skit ?? Cause Una no fit plenty like that make 2soldier they humiliate one of us

dg01335; Naija mumu county,all of them go ddy there watch one person intimate the guy cus he’s a soldier why injustice no go too much

olagold01; Abuse of power in every sectors ,poor oppressing the poor 🙄

snooprichie_; I still dey cry for an like this

In entertainment news, CorrectNG reported how Comedian turned singer, Carter Efe issued a stern warning to Berri Tiga to stop using his name to chase clout.

He lambasted the singer for insisting on his claim that he (Carter) gave him only 5% out of the earnings from their hit song, Machala.

The content creator threatened to get Tiga arrested or use soldiers to punish him if he continues to go online and make unsubstantiated claims.

His warning comes after the artiste went on Instagram live and said he has unfinished business with the skit maker regarding the tussle over royalties on ‘Machala’.

In response, Carter Efe said Berri Tiga is just using him to gain cheap publicity because he wants to release a new song.

He adviced the singer to do something independently and drop a song like his mates are doing instead of rehashing something that’s dead and buried.

“I will bring soldiers and police to come and arrest you and knack you koboko, Berri Tiga I am older than you please never in your life mention my name or disrespect me or use my name to chase clout”, Efe said.

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