Drama as man finds out after sending son abroad that their family house belongs to his wife

A young lady identified as Peace Oghre has revealed how her uncle’s family was thrown into conflict when he discovered that his wife owns the house they live in.

She said the couple agreed to sponsor their son to study abroad, so to ensure that it is accomplished, the man and his partner shared responsibilities.

According to Peace, while the wife handled the payment of rent and house bills, he took care of their child’s financial needs while schooling overseas.

However, after he found out that his spouse is the landlord, but she never told him, he confronted her about it.

The narrator said the woman told her husband that she was saving the money meant for rent so that she could buy a house for him.

Peace wrote; “My uncle and his wife both agreed to take their son to study abroad, to accomplish it, they had to split all house bills, his wife was to pay rent and all house bills with feeding, while my uncle was to focus on their son’s bills abroad.

It was all going well until my uncle discovered that the house they are staying in is owned by his wife. Her excuse for not telling her husband she is the owner of the house is that she is saving all his house rent to gift him a house as a surprise.”

Reacting, @chikezirimjoyce wrote; Maybe it’s because she felt her husband will become dependent on her if she had told him she owned the house

@Nnekanwa1; I salute her wisdom because men of nowadays some of them na one Chance 😆after building with them as a good and submissive wife ooo Dem go still change am for you in future ,Thank God na only God I fit trust in this life

@EngrExcess1; Paying house bills and feeding is a mistake the wife will never forget. The man might think he is wise but don’t dare women with feeding expenses

@MyPainkiller; They should talk about it. Open communication is essential for understanding each other’s intentions and financial decisions.