Drama as lady finds out male colleague she’s sleeping with bought gift for another co-worker

A case of romance at the workplace has reportedly gone sour as a lady got into a heated exchange with a male co-worker she sleeps with after finding out he’s interested in another female colleague.

Donna, a Human Resource personnel at the firm, narrated how all three employees got into a serious fight over their relationship dynamic.

She said one of the ladies who has been sleeping with the male co-worker for four months found out that he bought a wig for the other lady. The narrator noted that this led to a fight that is affecting their focus and efficiency at work.

According to Donna, one of her roles as HR exeucutive was settling the fight that ensued as a result of the complicated workplace romance.

She shared the story in reaction to a tweet that reads; “HR is such a weird role. One minute you documenting Employee Experience ideas for the company’s year end activities. Next minute, you are settling fight because the company’s security guard impregnated the daughter of a food seller across the street 🥲”

Donna wrote; “Lmaoooo…Or you are settling fight between two employees that slept with each other for 4months, and started fighting because the male employee bought wig for another female employee, and it’s affecting their work rate.”

Meanwhile in another news…

Chaos erupted at a Customary Court in Obukpa, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State when two lawyers got into a fight.

A viral video showed capture the litigants picking up chairs to duel it out during the altercation while shouting at the top of their voices.

One of them could be heard saying; “He is a very small boy… He is a mad man,” to which the second lawyer sternly warned, “Touch me again…”