Drama as groom finds out on wedding day that bride hired her ex-lover as photographer

A Nigerian man, Temi has shared the drama that ensued at a wedding today, Saturday, wherein the bride hired her ex-boyfriend as the official photographer.

He said the lady employed her ex to shoot their pre-wedding photos and also cover their wedding, but she never informed her husband-to-be that she used to date him.

However, the groom made the discovery on their wedding day when he overhead her bridesmaids talking about it.

He confronted his wife for booking her former lover to work as their weddig photographer and she said she only did it to ‘pepper’ her ex.

He refused to proceed with that particular photographer and began to look for another one, but the bride maintained her position that she has nothing to do with her ex.

Accoding to Temi, the bride’s ex also charged them a high price for the photography coverage of their big day.

Temi shared a photo from the backroom drama and wrote; “A lady is having her wedding today. The guy who did their pre wedding photo shoot and covering their wedding is her Ex. The husband to be eavesdropped her friends talking about it. Now he is asking her the reason for choosing her Ex out of all the numerous photographers available and if there is something she is hiding. Na on top that matter we dey like this.

Okay update! She said she just want to “pepper” the Ex and make him feel some kinda way. Update!!! The guy has insisted he doesn’t want the guy and is looking around for another photographer, the problem is he might not find cos of timing and he says if he doesn’t he doesn’t care. But he just doesn’t want the guy.

I have also learnt the guy even charged them high and the husband said they had other people who could have done the photography for a reduced price. But he had to go with her choice just to please her.

Update! She has sworn she doesn’t have anything to do with the guy anymore and they haven’t had any conversation outside photography business it seems it is true sha. Judging from the evidences on ground.”