Doyin doesn’t think before talking – Adekunle

Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ finalist, Adekunle Olopade, has talked about the personality of his colleague, Doyinsola David, simply known as Doyin.

He said the medical radiographer whose friendship with him turned sour due to happenings in the BBNaija house last year, asserted that shed doesn’t think before she talks.

Doyin Adekunle think talk

Adekunle, who spoke in the latest episode of the To Be Honest podcast, added that it’s in Doyin’s nature to insult people and her mouth would get her in trouble someday.

He said; “Doyin is very insultive. It is who she is, her mouth will put her in trouble. And I can say it now because me and her are friends. She doesn’t think before she talks.”

Meanwhile, in related news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that Doyin said people with her type of personality cannot win Big Brother Naija.

The 26-year-old averred that her chances of ever winning is next to none, so she did not go with the intention of clinching the N120 million grand prize but to show who she is.

She said; “I won’t lie. A personality like mine cannot win Big Brother. I did not go on the show thinking I was going to win the prize money. I knew that I did not stand a chance, because my personality is ‘a lot’, and people tell me that every day.

I just wanted to go there, be myself and show who I am. I felt I would be able to stay long enough on the show. Actually, my goal was to get to the finals.”

Doyin also said that while she was in the BBNaija house, she felt she would be getting a lot of negative feedback from viewers. She felt this would be the case because she used a lot of swear words that people would not like that.

The controversial podcaster however, defended her actions in the house by saying that despite the perception of some people, she was not a gossip.

“We have nothing to talk except one another. There was no television or social media. The other housemates were our ‘sources’ of entertainment. I never gossiped about anybody,” Doyin said.