Don’t use me as a tool to insult my uncle – Made Kuti cautions Peter Okoye

Made Kuti, Nigerian afrobeats singer, and grandson of Fela Kuti, has urged afropop singer, Peter Okoye to keep his name out of his tirade with his uncle, Seun Kuti.

Peter aka Mr P and Seun have been trading words on social media over the past 24 hours and it started with the son of Fela describing presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi as an opportunist.

The comment angered Mr P who called him out and in reaction, the Grammy nominee berated the one half of PSquare in a series of posts.

Seun said; “Not only are you talentless, you are a gimmick. Tried to go solo without your ‘packaging’ what happened to your career?

“Just like your candidate can’t decide his party? Today APGA TMR PMP NEXT TMR LP, you sef can’t decide if you want to be a twin duo or solo artiste.

“Where is your Grammy nomination bro? Dem no dey give that one to people Wey dey thief songs.”

The trash-taking continued with Okoye taking a swipe at Seun’s musical career while wondering if he ever had a Grammy nomination.

Their exchanges got so bad that he dragged the Kuti family his late Fela and nephew Made into the fray.

Mr P wrote; “Dude, I understand your frustration. But realize that the sky is big enough for all birds to fly. @burnaboy and other great artistes have climbed on our great Fela’s ladder to blow. Comport your self and pray to your god. My God has blessed my destiny & i’ll 4ever remain thankful.

I’ll surely keep you in my prayers. Learn from your nephew @Madekuti cos he is well guided and clean. Grammy nomination na yardstick to measure good music? Abeg which yeye song them use nominate you wey we know?

Grammy nominee wey still dey live for trenches! I dey sure say na still your papa house you stay. Stop deceiving yourself bro! Nobody rate you for this industry!”

Made who seemed to have been observing the exchange in silence, spoke when his name was mentioned.

Made wrote: “Good afternoon. Please do not use me as a tool to slight, insult or badmouth my Uncle. I’m not sure how we are perceived so I should clarify we stay united as a family and we intend on keeping it that way. Thank you.”