Don’t give what belongs to God to the poor – Rev Bempah (Video)

A Ghanaian Reverend, Dr. Kwadwo Bempah, has said people are not supposed to give to the poor what is meant for God.

The Ghanaian cleric stated this during a sermon in church as he cautioned members that not every poor person deserves to receive help.

Rev. Dr. Bempah said nobody knows the real reason some people are wallowing in poverty as some of them could be enduring the punishment of Satan.

The clergyman stressed that are simply suffering the consequences of bad decisions they made in the past.

He told his congregation that sometimes before one gives to the poor they need to have a spirit of discernment.

Watch him speak below:

In other news, a Nigerian man said he prefers worshipping with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega than at Apostle Suleman’s Omega Fire Ministries.

The crypto trader known as Salako said no amount of insults or mockery would make him not to attend Pastor Tobi’s Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church, (SPAC Nation).

He said the reason he chose the UK-based cleric over Suleman is because he knows he would be living the good life even though they might not make heaven.

Salako said; “Insult Pastor Tobi all you want but I’d rather go to his church than worship under Johnson Suleiman.

At least I know we’re chopping life while he’s washing our hands off heavenly race – they probably share SK & four cousins for first timers. 1st Sunday for holy communion – give us edibles, we’ll wash it down with small stout.

After night vigil, every last Friday of the month, carry us enter strip club. Save 55 euros ticket fee because my man’s going to bring Rema, Oxlade & Portable for crossover service for free.

There’s no way Pastor Tobi doesn’t share EDD, Zelle & give plugs for Osole during worker’s meetings. After Sunday School, he probably drops sporty code that Excellent men will play during the week.”