Don’t ever complain to a woman about your challenges in life – Rapper Erigga tells men

Nigerian rap artiste, Erigga has shared some words of advice to men that it is not everything they will confide in their partner or female friend about.

He took to microblogging site, Twitter to say that no matter the difficult time a man is experiencing in life, he should never complain to a woman about it.

Erigga stressed the cautionary part about not ever telling a woman their problems and his post generated reactions from social media users.

The post reads; “Whatever you do in this life do not complain to a woman about how difficult your life is DO NOT!”

Don't ever complain to a woman about your challenges in life - Erigga tells men

In other news…

CorrectNG recalls that in 2023, a Nigerian lawyer identified as Princess Jemaimah, shared the struggles she contends with in her marriage to Apostle Benjamin Ifeng.

She said that she battles with the reality of numerous women wanting to share her husband with her under the guise of seeking prayers or spiritual guidance.

According to the woman, it takes a special grace for someone like her to share her husband woith many women who are ready to engage in a war of words with her just to see the pastor.

In a series of Facebook posts, Princess Jemaimah encouraged people to pray for pastors’ wives as it’s not an easy role.

The post reads; “When a lady that is burning for God says she doesn’t want to marry a pastor, please don’t judge her. it takes so much grace to share your husband openly with so many women who are even ready to insult you if you try to stop them from accessing him whenever they feel like it.

“Most times she is lost, not knowing if these women have started banging her husband or it’s still spiritual things going on. please, pray for your pastor’s wife!

“There are people in church whose greatest desire is to have sexual relationship with their pastor/his wife. any minister without sense & purity structures just like Samson always meets a disgraceful end!”