Don’t bring ill-gotten wealth to my altar – Pastor Muoka warns

General Overseer, Lord’s Chosen Revival Movement, Lazarus Muoka has issued a stern warning to his members to desist from bringing ill-gotten proceeds to the altar as offerings.

The popular cleric gave the charge during the conclusion of a two-day retreat at his church headquarters in Lagos with the theme; “Only God can Do This”.

He emphasised the importance of restitution to his congregation and urged them to return any money or property they had acquired unjustly to their rightful owners.

Muoka said: “As a practical Christian, learn to return ill-gotten things and valuables to the owner; in that respect, the urge to take things that don’t belong to you will be halted.

“It is forbidden for you to bring ill-gotten proceeds to the altar of God as offering. Refrain from such acts, amend your ways and be saved.

“The fact that people, your colleagues, are stealing with pen in the office does not make it right for you to indulge in it. It is your duty as a child of God to live an exemplary life to help change the trend”.

The cleric further encouraged worshippers to understand the importance of activating God’s blessings by sowing seeds of faith. He explained that when this is done with genuine tears and sincerity, it motivates God to act in alignment with the desires of the sower.