Don’t believe the hype, life in UK is not easy – Ogbeni Dipo

UK-based Nigerian Influencer, Dipo Awojide popularly known as Ogbeni Dipo says there is a lot of unnecessary hype about life in the United Kingdom.

He stated that it is not easy living and working in UK as anybody relocating would have to pay their dues before they succeed.

Ogbeni Dipo stated this on Twitter while responding to a man who asked him to give his take on a post which suggested that anybody who works in the United Kingdom would not be able to send the money home.

“UK just dey give everybody Admission 😂 Wise people👏 90% of the penny you making over there, na there una go still spend am cause house rent there no be anybody papa mate.

D most painful part is all dis una orientation wey dey change immediately after 2 weeks when u get there,” a tweep wrote.

Reacting, the socio-political commentator and CV review guide advised that only those whose parents can sponsor them or who are going on scholarship should travel to the European nation.

Ogbeni Dipo wrote; “Life is not easy in the UK 🇬🇧. Don’t believe all the unnecessary hype. There are opportunities here but you will have to pay your dues. I only encourage those with support from parents, those with scholarship or those who can withstand hardship to ‘Japa.’ Plan adequately.”

@Odinnakaa; Dr dipo calm down! I say calm down!😤😤😤. At least you get peace of mind Abi ? If you don tire for UK come make we swap location, make Lagos stress humble you 🤦🏼‍♂️

@OgbeniDipo replied; I didn’t borrow money to come here and I wasn’t suffering in Nigeria. My parents paid my fees. Now I can come back anytime and I will soon.

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@stiffy96; In UK you can get a minimum wage job and still go on vacations, pay rent and meet up all your bills. In Nigeria, even with 300k salary people are struggling. In the UK, you can quit your job and get another job within days. In Nigeria, people lose jobs and their lives are over

@hamacoexports; Then he should come back to naija and see or know what hardship is all about. Uk is lovely and easier than Naija. U don’t always need ur parents to survive. Believe in urself and work hard. SIMPLE

@flowcharms; Most times ppl just read and Dont comprehend. They rush to comment ; nobody is saying Naija is better than uk 🇬🇧 but it’s not easy like the way it’s packaged to you. When you reach there you will understand better. No b everything dem dey tell person..

@olaaa63485064; Nigerians are getting this twisted…if u japa to uk with tier 4 visa which is student and you dont have enof backup it will be hard,bcos if u work u are allowed 20 hrs a week and if u go with your spouse it will be slight easy jst slight because he or she will work fill hrs.