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Does having tattoo affect the economy? – Businesswoman questions those judging people with tattoos



A Ugandan businesswoman identified as Viola Nyakira, has taken a swipe at people who criticise and judge tattoo lovers.

She took to Twitter to question critics of people who have tattoos on their bodies about whether it affects the economy.

Viola said that she does not have a tattoo but she’s still yet to understand the judgmental stereotype that individuals like that are subjected to.

She wrote; ”I don’t have a tattoo yet but I don’t understand people who judge people with tattoos. Like how does having a tattoo affect the economy? Or how are you not happy because someone got a tattoo?”

See her post:

Social media users expressed differing views in reaction to her post.

nyben_jay101 wrote; I don’t have because I hate skin pain.. but I love good tattoos.

boss_kollins; They are jealous because they don’t have the opportunity to draw Thiers

angelshotbody; Help me ask them

jetito08; If you’re a Christian it’s not acceptable, the word of God is against it.

blissfuldavina; Me too,I don’t have but I can’t never understand why they judge them

the_mirro_that_shineth_; Because it’s demonic

brezhrach4life; Not good on the eyes of God, people with tattoos don’t donate blood in my country.

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