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Doctors perform more miracle than pastors – Young Nigerian doctor writes a very interesting piece about people who depend on miracles from their pastors rather than seeking medical attention when they fall ill



A young Nigerian doctor identified by his Facebook name, Nosa Thompson, has taken to his Facebook page to write a very interesting piece on how numerous people die in Nigeria daily due to delay in seeking medical care when they fall ill, but rather go to the church at the early stage of their ailment believing to get miracles from their pastors, and only turn to the hospital when it is too late and expect the doctors to perform magic.[AdSense-A]

He wrote;


Doctors perform more miracle than pastors.

The issue is humans especially Africans believe God performs the pastors miracle while human knowledge foster that of a Doctor.

They have forgotten that God is the author of all knowledge.

A typical Nigerian is ready to pay N1M for his headache to be healed by his M.O.G than to pay N70k as hospital bills for a major surgical operation.

A week do not pass in tertiary health institution without a patient dying secondary to delay in accessing health because patient was kept in churches expecting a miracle from their pastor.

These cases are left unreported.

Why can’t we do a multi centre study on the prevalence of such death.

And a bill passed in senate to probe such death.

A typical Nigerian present to the hospital at end stage disease.

Do you think Drs are magicians ?

When the illness started over 10 years ago, you said “God forbid, the God of My papa will not permit ailment in me ‘.

Now you are presenting with complication, you want the Dr to turn witches and wizard for u.

Your papa should fly for you biko…

Pastors seek the best health care for themselves and their families.

Most of them are educated and wise.

We see them in clinic everyday.

The rich ones have the best of Drs as their family Dr.

Pls if your relative have a chronic ailment like.

1. Diabetes
2. Hypertension
3. Renal failure
4. Heart failure
5. Congenital Dxs
6. Etc.

Please take them to the hospital and register, start treatment and follow up immediately.

Then,they can now go to their your various churches and pray for God sound health.

Seeking Medical therapy is not a sin.

Don’t get it twisted..

Life is a beautiful thing.

Why disturbing God over things he has settled already by raising medical therapy among humans. What are you trying to prove. Don’t gamble your life, Don’t use it for miracle experiment..

Use your brains..

It was given to you for free..

Dr Nosa

Doctor Nosa who is a graduate of University of Port Harcourt has in the past shared with us the story of how he suffered to go through school after losing his dad to death. In a previous message to which we also published on this website sometime last year, he wrote;

After rounding up my secondary school and losing my dad to the cold hands of death in 2009, I decided to fend for myself in addition to the support I had from my wonderful siblings, I did this because I didnt like depending on anyone wholly, and the fact that finance was limited and things were not all rossy.[AdSense-A]

So I started off as a phone technician @Third junction in Benin city, it wasn’t easy for me as I was a bit too young and innocent to hustle in that kind of environment, I faced a lot of reproach, rejection and oppression. I can remember a day that some cultist had to beat me up at my place of work because I didn’t fix their phone to their specification. I also faced a lot of disappointment even among my loved once. Well that’s all history, I endured all, passing the stress with joy. I remember those days I use to cry in my room thinking of committing suicide, hmmmn, good old days. Well that same year I registered for jamb and post-ume, I studied very hard especially after work hours and I was offered admission to study Medicine and surgery in the prestigious University of Port-Harcourt, River state, Nigeria, having a total score of 60.01 of which the cut off mark was 60, hmmmn, I was lucky.

January 2010 I started my first year in medical school. I got to UNIPORT without having a place to lay my head, and I wasn’t having enough money to rent an apartment off campus meanwhile hostel allocation was yet to be done. So i teamed up with my dear friend, Edafe, we entered one of the hostel, broke into one of the yet allocated room and started living there. A week later some guys who once resided in the lounge came back from holidays, throwing our belongings out, sending us to the street. I parted with Edafe for a while to look for a place to stay, atleast to keep my belongings. I begged several persons but non obliged initially not until a day or two when a good Samaritan (a colleague of mine ) accepted to help. He only accepted to keep my belongings while I find somewhere else to sleep. I was happy anyway. So I decided to put up in class rooms, I used to keep my paste, tooth brush, powder, small towel, sponge and soap all in my school bag. To freshen up I will go to a nearby hostel to do that then go to my friend hostel to dress up. I did this for about 2 weeks until he asked me to pack out as my big bag was occupying a considerable part of his small cubicle, so I moved out in search of a new place to keep my belongings. I met another colleague of mine, in this case a senior colleague, he saw me and was surprise that I had emaciated within weeks of school resumption as he once saw me when I broke into one of the hostel room the first day I resumed uniport. He decided to help keep my belongings and even offered to allow me sleep in his cubicle, I was delighted. Unfortunate for me his younger brother who stays in same cubicle (small room) with him was not happy to receive me. I didnt blame him thou as the place was too small to occupy 3 persons, so I begged them to help me keep my belongings while I sleep in Choba class room. they obliged.
2 weeks later, uniport formally brought out list of student that got hostel accommodation, unfortunately my name was not there as my post -Ume score was relatively low comparatively to my colleague that was offered accommodation and the fact that I was not an indigene of River state, placed me out of the list. I felt bad, so I decided to rent a cubicle space in abuja campus from one man O war guy who was offered hostel space in the campus, having Engr Edafe and Dr Donald as room mates.

So I got a space in abuja campus thinking I would have a place to lay my head . Quite unfortunate for me, the man O war guy sold same space to one other guy, collecting double money for a single space. I and Edafe confronted him but he stood up against us with his team, asking us to knee down, hitting us badly and threatening to throw us out. Who were we to fight Man O war ?? We were no body. The guy that was allocated with us was another tyrant, so to avoid having differences with him I decided to sleep and live in abuja campus class room while keeping my belongings in the cubicle I rented. It wasn’t easy as I spent the whole of my First year in class rooms, sleeping, brushing and eating there.

My first 3 years as a medical student wasn’t easy as I had to battle with financial difficulties and accommodation issues. Do you know I never ate meat all through this 3 years. Then I use to cook without adding meat, because I couldn’t afford such luxury. My stew was a combination of locally made palm oil, sachet tomatoes, pepper and maggi. lol. I don’t cook soup, what I used to do is to buy soup from mama put (mama abuja restaurant ), I will buy N200 soup then ask the sales personnel to exchange the meat in the soup for more soup, I will then go to my hostel to make EBA, managing the soup so that it can take me for 2-3 days.

Life was hard, but it didn’t stop me from working very hard, I read my books as if that was the only thing I had to do with my life. As at my year 4 I was a bit stable financially and I was able to settle my accommodation issue . I started working as a private teacher to some well to do student who pay me to put them through basic medical courses. I also involved myself in hostel politics, Music and several business opportunities. My financial state changed, combined with the money I used to receive from home, I was much more stable till I finished my medical school.[AdSense-A]

Thou I was stable I couldn’t stop sleeping in class rooms because I was addicted to it so I stayed and read in class rooms even when I was able to afford good accommodation. I spent 7yrs and 6months as a medical student in uniport of which I basically spent 7 years of my days sleeping in hard woods of abuja campus.

This earned me my nick name ( working master, working lord, working skeleton, Machine etc), as I was always found in class room reading.

I finally graduated from uniport as a Medical Doctor, being one of the best student uniport medical school have ever graduated with result that fancy the eyes of everyone.

Why am I telling this story, this is to tell you that “IT IS POSSIBLE’. Nothing is impossible in life, don’t get discouraged, give life your best hit even in the hardest times , if Nosa the phone technician can turn Dr Nosa, a medical Doctor, so you can be anything you want to be in life, Remember, NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY.


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