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Doctor wears ”Husband” sash at event to inform women that he’s happily married



A South African medical doctor and media personality, Dr Musa Mthombeni has gotten people talking online following the way he showed up to an event.

The TV presenter who is married to Leisl Laurie, rocked a ”Husband” sash which is usually worn by ushers.

He did not go with his wife, so he wore the sash to inform women at the conference that he is happily married.

During the session, Dr Musa went live on Instagram and he proudly showed off the ”Husband” sash leaving many to laugh and share their thoughts.

See screenshot from his IG Live below:

Read some comments below..

@MakafellaGuka; There that’s the first sign of a man losing his balls

@SbueTheGreat1; We as SA men need to take this boy to a traditional healer, he needs to consult. No husband behaves like this, this is childish and absurd worrying infact. is he okay upstairs ??

@Bella_Chuma; Deep down we all wanna be married to a man like him

@Tumelo89464559; I feel sorry for lentwana at first i thought it was love but now i have every reason to believe that it is an obsession but i might be wrong hey

@SelloJupiter; at this point i bIame his friends for not teIIing him to cooI down…dude is out there behaving cIown in sociaI media…he is just over doing it sometimes

@SeapointO; …this isn’t healthy or normal…& I say this as a Woman. …I like low key things, low key mEn, low key life…!

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