Doctor recounts how client’s son insisted she adds native doctor to her medical team

A Nigerian medical doctor, Amaka Ikpeze has recounted her shocking encounter with the son of a client who made an odd request.

She said the man asked her to consult with the family’s native doctor and work with him while treating his parent.

Amaka was shocked at the demand because she could not understand why he would want her to combine orthodox and unorthodox as a certified medical practitioner.

What was even more baffling was that he told her to allow the native doctor be the lead of the multidisciplinary team.

She wrote; “The wildest thing I have seen in private practice still has to be a client’s son asking me to speak to their native doctor.

As in I should co-manage patient with native doctor as part of multidisciplinary team management😭😭 The wild thing is the Dibia be team lead😂😂”

Meanwhile, a devout Christian known as Adebayo Adeboye has shared a testimony about how a girl was brought back to life with prayers.

The RCCG youth pastor said he was present when the girl was confirmed dead by the medical experts at the hospital.

According to Adebayo, he saw her lifeless body, but they were not willing to accept the sad reality without having faith that miracle can happen.

He said they began to pray loudly and fervently in the hospital much to the surprise of other patients and staff.

Amid the intense prayer, the deceased woke up, a scene which left the doctors and nurses in utter disbelief.

Adebayo, who revealed that the girl joined their church last month, said medical professionals began to tell her congratulations when she came back to life.

He wrote; “I confirmed that this girl was dead. Doctors and Nurses confirmed it and left her lifeless body. But we prayed 😩😭😭 Prayed loudly in the hospital. People looked at us, waiting. But God who is rich in mercy showed up for us.

Person wey just join our church last month. After she came back to life, all the medical practitioners on duty were telling her congratulations, she was confused at first 😅😂

Hospital yesterday was on fire 🔥 One of the nurses said “you would always know RCCG youths when you see them” Love it 😍 Because our response to the devil is “not today, satan”