Do it let’s see if you’ll survive – Wike dares PDP to expel him

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state on Friday dared the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), to expel him from the part and face the consequences.

Wike threw the challenge on December 30th while flagging off a newly completed road in Rivers State.

He said: “In 2003 when President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted to run for a second tenure―a whole president wanted to run for a second tenure―he knelt down before his vice and said, ‘my vice, please, allow me to run.’

“You know one of the conditions he gave him? That Tony Anenih must be sacked as the Minister of Works and that Tony Anenih must not be in the presidential campaign council. Obasanjo obliged and sacked Tony Anenih as the Minister of Works and removed him from the presidential campaign council. This is a president,[and] his own vice giving him condition; a retired General knelt down and was given conditions.

“We (G5) are not even doing that; we are not saying sack this one; we are only saying that the constitution of our party must be respected based on what the national chairman said and based on what you told me in my house.”

The governor then dared the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to expel him from the party, saying “try and see how you will survive it.”

Meanwhile, he earlier said the 2023 election will be a game changer that would retire many politicians.

The governor stated that certain politicians in Rivers state fall into the category of those who will lose out next year.

Wike made the comment while commissioning of the Rumukurishi flyover in Port Harcourt on Thursday, December 22, 2022.

The governor said that politicians who stay in Abuja to make promises to their people and dictate how supporters vote will find out who the people really listen to.

Wike, who said the forthcoming election will determine those who influence voters in the state, added that whoever loses at the polls in Rivers state will leave honourably whether it is the PDP or opposition.

He said; “2023 will confirm to us those that have an influence on voters. Those that their people will listen to and vote.

“It is not only for you to be in Abuja and tell them whatever you’re telling them, come home because our Polling boots are not going to be in Abuja. This election will retire people in 2023. If they win us we will go, if we win them they will go. In fact they have already gone”.