DNA test for Mohbad’s son might be the cause of his death – Father (Video)

Late Ilerioluwa “Mohbad” Aloba’s father, Joseph Aloba, has asserted that a likely attempt to conduct DNA test on Liam, might be the motive for the musician’s death.

He made the claim in an interview with TVC on Friday while disclosing that the CCTV in his Mohbad’s house was removed after he passed away.

Mohbad father clothes

Mr Aloba said he invited lawyers interested in the case to help him unravel what led to his son’s death as he’s also not pleased with the report of the pathologist.

The grieving father said that he wants police authorities to uphold the petition which Mohbad wrote to them while he was still alive.

It may be recalled that the pathologist handling Mohbad’s case said the autopsy could not identify the cause of his death because the body was already decomposing when it was exhumed and brought for cross-examination.

Joseph said; “A lot of things have led to the death and I think DNA is one of the motives that I’ve observed can lead to the death of my son”.

Watch him speak:

Meanwhile, within the week, Mr Joseph Aloba again accused Omowunmi Aloba, the wife of his late son, Mohbad, of paternity fraud.

In an audio that made rounds on social media platforms, the man said Liam Aloba is not his grandson and this is evident in the fact that he is bow-legged.

He insisted that Mohbad did not father the one-year-old boy because Liam has bow legs and there is no history of such in the Aloba family.

Mr Aloba expressed the belief that his daughter-in-law Wunmi’s secret lover allegedly killed Mohbad and urged her to take her son to the rightful father.

He said; “All the names Mohbad mentioned in the petition he wrote, were involved in his death. I still insist that his wife’s concubine killed him. This is why DNA is a must. Wunmi said my son deflowered her so why is she running away from DNA?

Liam has bow legs. We don’t have bow legs in the Aloba family. She should take the boy to his father. It is so sad that these wicked people k!Iled my son in his prime. Nigerians should please support me as I fight for justice for my son.”