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DJ Sose reveals why he tattooed his face and what it means



Famous Nigerian disc jockey, Soseneyayi Amar-Aigbe, commonly known as DJ Sose, has for several years made fans guess why he has a huge tattoo on his face.

Sose, who was born and raised in Ibadan, gave an insight into the issues he had with standing out when he started his career, hence the decision to tattoo his face.

He said; “My face tattoo is my trademark– a marketing strategy to make me stand out. In the beginning, when I started, I kept getting mixed up with another DJ who was also mixed race and looked like me. We had similar mixing styles too. I had to figure out a way to stand out from the crowd. This is my calling card. You can forget my name but you can never forget my face.”

“DJs have changed the game. We have made it more of a branding situation. We are now individuals and brands to be reckoned with. We are more business-like than before. I came back to the industry to make sure that is the situation,” he said.

On why he returned to Nigeria, Sose stated, “I came back trying to see if I could get recognized and what was going to happen and we are still here. I believe that says something.”

Asked how he manages sad moments, Sose added, “Things happen whether you are prepared for them or not. What matters is how you come back from those (sad) moments.”

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