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Diddy helms Burna Boy’s ”Twice As Tall” album as Executive Producer



American superstar singer, Sean “Diddy” Combs has been tapped to executive produce Nigerian Grammy-nominee, Burna Boy’s forthcoming album ”Twice As Tall”.

In an interview with The New York Times, Burna Boy spoke about the LP, which is set to be released in August.

“I’ve never picked up a pen and paper and written down a song in my life,” he said. “It all just comes, like someone is standing there and telling me what to say. It’s all according to the spirits. Some of us are put on this earth to do what we do.”

Speaking on his new album, Burna said that he is continuing the mission he started, which is building a bridge that leads every Black person in the world to come together.

Burna Boy and Diddy collaborated over an eight-hour time difference via Zoom calls and file transfers. Diddy was able to create voice-over intros for some of the tracks and added musical contributions from artists such as Anderson Paak and Timbaland. Also, most of the album was recorded during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

“I’m on record that I like hit records. If they’re not hit records, I don’t like them…A lot of times when an artist wants to be coached or pushed to maybe a greater level, that’s where I’ve come in.” Diddy said.

He continued; “He, as every artist, he wants his music to be heard by the world. He doesn’t care about crossing over. You know, he’s not trying to get hot. He’s not, like, ‘I want to be a big pop star’ — he’s already a star. He wants his music to be heard, his message, his people.”

Almost 80 percent of the album was completed before Diddy was brought in to provide “fresh ears” to the project. The mega-producer says the LP is “a modern but pure, unapologetic African body of work.”

“The thing that I learned about him is the importance of what he’s doing for his nation and representing the people that aren’t really heard globally,” he said.

Diddy added; “Through this album, I think it’s important for Africa to be heard. And so it’s bigger than just an album. He’s not just on a musical artist trip. He’s a revolutionary. His conviction is serious.”

Twice As Tall will be on streaming platforms from Aug. 13.

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