Denrele opens up on his battle with stroke

Nigerian media personality and actor, Denrele Edun has revealed that he battled with stroke that left him partly paralysed in the face.

The crossdresser Denrele opened up in an interview with Channels TV, while describing it as the most challenging chapter of his life.

Denrele stroke

Denrele explained that he was very sick at the time, and the stroke left his left eye closed. He said it caused a noticeable shift in his facial features, leading him to cover the affected side with his hairstyles.

He said; “I had just come out of having a stroke on half of my face, I was very sick. But it still did not stop me from working. My face was dropping on the right side anytime I had to drink water it would pour out of my mouth. One of my eyes was widely opened and I couldn’t hear and breathe.”

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CorrectNG recalls that Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie revealed that there was a cancer scare she experienced.

The mother-of-four opened up about the health challenge during an episode of her cooking show “Mercy’s Menu” and disclosed that doctors placed her on medication for the rest of her life.

Mercy Johnson explained that her thyroid – a gland in the throat – was removed through surgery as a result of the scare.

She said it is something she has never discussed publicly before but she added that with the help of her husband, Odi Okojie, they managed the situation at that time.

Mercy said; “I’ve never discussed it where I had a cancer scare and I had my thyroid removed. It was like a journey for us. We had kids and my last was six months at that time.

“We kept saying that we have to understand that, ‘this is the new us. Let’s go get the surgery done’. And when we go there, they said I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life.

“It was a reality that we had to sit down. Them giving me a time that ‘you cannot miss my medication. As you wake up, that’s the first thing’, and telling me all of the side effects. So I’m reconciling with this you’re saying, it’s the truth. At the point you realize this is where we are, let’s grow from here, let’s live in this comfort zone.”