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Democracy Day: I didn’t fall, I was doing “dobale” – Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has claimed that the incident which happened at the Eagle Square in Abuja while celebrating the 2024 Democracy Day, was not him falling.

He explained that he did not slip and fall while mounting the parade vehicle as many might have interpreted it, but did what every traditional Yoruba ‘boy’ would do on such occasion, ‘dobale’ – which is is a term for prostration.

CorrectNG recalls that a video which made the rounds on June 12 captured the scary moment Tinubu missed his step as he was mounting the truck.

The president arrived at the Eagles Square, in the Federal Capital Territory around 10 am on Wednesday, for the Democracy Day celebration parade.

As Tinubu was about to mount the Presidential Parade Vehicle after alighting from his motorcade, he lost his balance, slipped and fell while climbing the stairs onto the platform.

Men of the Guards Brigade immediately rushed to his side to help him stand. He was accompanied to the venue of the event by his wife, Oluremi Tinubu.

Speaking about the incident during the Democracy Day dinner on Wednesday night at the Presidential Villa, Tinubu said; “Early this morning, I had a swagger and it’s on social media. They’re confused whether I was doing bugger or babariga.

“But it is day to celebrate democracy, why doing dobale on the day? I’m a traditionally Yoruba boy. I did my dobale.”

Watch him speak HERE