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Why I deleted Leo’s birthday message on Instagram – Khloe



2018 Big Brother Nigeria housemate, Victoria Oluwabusayo, aka Khloe, has given the reason why she deleted the birthday post she dedicated to another former housemate, Leo, on her Instagram page.

According to Khloe, she was never following Leo and it is in her usual practice to delete birthday posts at the end of the day. So doing that on Leo’s birthday wasn’t the first time, she told Sunday Scoop:

“I was never following Leo and I usually delete birthday posts at the end of the day. Even the day I posted wishes to my mother; I deleted the post later. That I follow someone on Instagram doesn’t even mean we are friends.[AdSense-A]

I could also not follow someone on social media and still be friends with that person. I just try to be real at all times. Upon leaving the house, I have learnt that people just want to appear successful, irrespective of whether they really are.

That’s why many people lead fake lives on social media just to impress people and be accepted. Meanwhile, that’s not really my thing and I wouldn’t go out of my way to impress anybody.”

Describing her relationship with ex-housemates, she said:

“I am cool with everybody and if anybody is not cool with me, that is their problem. My favourites of all the former housemates are Anto, Cee C and Ifu Ennada.”

Commenting on the controversy that has trailed former housemates, Khloe said:

“People said they wanted double wahala and that is what they are getting; the drama is not limited to the Big Brother house. Nothing in the house was scripted; everything was real.”

Revealing her current projects, she said:

“I’m working on my clothing line and skincare products, which I will be launching next month. I will be making the clothes for my clothing line myself.”

Clearing the air on her relationship with Unlimited LA, she said:

“I never dated Unlimited LA. When he put up a post to that effect when I was in the house, it was just a joke. I used to be a video vixen and I know a couple of video directors.”

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