David Hundeyin shares ‘worst date experience’ with Ghanaian actress

Nigerian investigative journalist, David Hundeyin has recounted how he went on a disappointing date with an actress in Ghana.

He said they matched on Tinder in 2021 and the first date they had was a nice one so he fixed a second one at

Hundeyin said he took the Ghanaian actress to a popular lounge in East Legon, but she did something that irked him out.

According to the award-winning journalist, she brought along a cousin who ordered the most expensive seafood on the menu and munched it all.

He said that he acted like everything was fine and paid for the meal, but he blocked the actress’ contact when he reached home that day.

David wrote; “Matched with this Ghanaian actress on Tinder back in 2021 and had a nice first date. Second date I took her to Citrus Lounge, East Legon.

Madam showed up with her FAT cousin who proceeded to order the priciest seafood on the menu and STUFF her face, talking throughout. Paid and pretended to enjoy the outing. Blocked contact after I got home.”

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A Nigerian lady lamented about how a man she took on a date acted so uncouth and irritatingly that she vowed never to see him again.

She said that they went to an eatery and he ordered the chicken bucket, pack of chips and soda drink. According to the woman known as Linda, the order was meant for both of them but her date kept eating it without etiquette.

She said he consumed most of the chicken while she only ate three and to make matters worse, when the waitress brought bill, he gave it to her. Linda said she reluctantly paid for the meal but blocked him without any further delay.

She wrote; “I went for a date to KFC this guy ordered the kfc bucket, family pack chips and 1littre of soda.. I was like that should be enough for the both of us.. man’s was eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Personally I ate like 3pieces but he ate the rest.. when the waitress brought the bill the guy confidently pushed it to my direction.. I paid and blocked him right away.”